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Unmatched Quality
Good quality products not only promote a company's affairs but also directly draw clients' attention. We deal in electrical and electronic components and equipments that are fabricated by branded manufacturers of the industry.

Maintaining standard quality measures at all product handling stages has been an age old tradition at Gursons Enterprises, and this is the reason why the client base of the company is expanding significantly. Every product is tested on various parameters of quality before being sent to the clients.

Basic Facilities
We ensure timely delivery of consignments through a well connected transportation network across the country. In case the delivery is delayed, the products are stored at our modern and capacious warehouse.

Gursons Enterprises is well supported y a team of highly qualified professionals such as technicians, quality controllers, marketing executives, amongst others. All electrical and electronic equipment that we offer to our valued clients are the ultimate in quality and application.

Our Products

Transistor TP 9383


Transistor TP 9380


Transmitter Valves/Electron Tubes- 4CX-15000A, CQL2-1or YL-1056, 4CX-3000A, 4-1000A

Obsolete Components

Mosfet MRF 141G

GTO Type Power Diode

Mosfet MRF 151G

Absorber Resistance

Mosfet MRF 421

Disc Type Ceramic Capacitor

Mosfet MRF 150


Mosfet MRF 422

FM Transmitters Spares,

Mosfet ON5040

Harris transmitter spares, Modules

Transistor BLW 98

Thales Transmitter spares, Modules

Mosfet IRFP 460LC


Mosfet IRFP 350

Semiconductor fuses

Mosfet APT5020

Vacuum Variable Capacitor

Mosfet MRF 136Y

Carbon Resistance

Mosfet MRF 134

Metal Film Resistance

Transistor SD 1285

Chip Capacitor


Mica Capacitor

Stock of Products Available
Meltron Studio console
  • Mono Master Module
  • Mono Generator module
  • Power supply module for ME961 studio console
  • Mono input Module
Keltron studio console
  • Talkback Module TB60M
  • CR monitor
  • Output Module OP20M
  • Output Module OP21X
  • Input Module IP02M
  • Remote Selector Module RS71X
  • Monitoring Module MM41X
  • Input Module IP01M
  • Remote selector Module RS72X
  • Input Module IP03X
Harris Transmitter
  • PA 850 watt Harris 9929521002
  • Display backplane 9929518001(8435471193 Rev.D)
  • PA Controller 9929278001
  • Life Support 9929516001
  • Filter Conditioner 9929756001
  • PA 425 watt-9929261002
  • Assembly Rectifier 3 phase 9929719006
  • P/S Controller 9929547001
  • Rectifier Board J2Aside 843-5474-183
  • Rectifier Board J2B side 843-5474-183 Rev F/9929719006
  • RF module 9927095001 (Harris 20 kW MW DX-20)
  • Metering PCB for Harris DX 20 MW Transmitter
  • Driver regulator Supply Card (for Harris DX 20 MW Transmitter)
NAUTEL Transmitter
  • Power supply NAA02B
  • Power PA Module NA47A
  • RF Amplifier for M-50 exciter for Q20 Transmitter FM 20 KW
  • Power supply controller 182-7033-7 (NAPC-17B) (For FM 10 nautel transmitter)
  • Nautel ASSY IPA Power Probe 193-8105(Q20 Transmitter)
  • Nautel ASSY IPA Input Matching 193-8368-01-(Q20 Transmitter)
  • Pallets for Power amplifier for FM 10S Transmitter (182-1015-01 output) &(182-1050-04 input)
  • Control display PWB Assy.182-4044-01 NAPD05/01A
CD FM Exciter Harris
  • Digital Stereo Generator Module (A5)
  • Analog I/O Module (A5)
  • Digital Modulator Board (A3)
  • PLL Board (A7)
  • Regulator Board (A2)
  • VCO Module (A6)
  • 100 MHz Filter Board (A9)
  • 55 Watt PA Module (A1)
STL Spares
  • Intermediate Frequency (IF Filter) for STL
  • Reference Oscillator (RO-11) 1489 MHz for STL
  • Reference Oscillator (RO-11)1468 MHz for STL
  • Intermediate Amplifier (IA-31) for STL
  • OR-11(1440 MHz) For STL
100 kW MW M2W-2100 Thales
  • Ferrite Core *RC-107/18-3F43F4*---- Part No.ZHEKT 449811P1
  • Rectifier PCB (for Thales SK 53 C3-3P5)P.No.HEKT 319972 R1
  • Metering PCB Board (for Thales SK 53 C3-3P5)
  • Carte CZT Board 9648237A (Thales 200 kW S7HP Transmitter)
FM Spares 2x3 /2x5 kW
  • 2x200 watt Power amplifier(Transistorized PA)
  • 3 way combiner /divider for webal PA
  • 2 way combiner/divider for BEL PA
  • U Link For Combiner
  • Control Unit AC Voltage Stabilizer Type EMS 10
  • Regulator Card TRCC PCB Pt no.32110041
  • Phase Monitor 415V,3 Phase for Line Distribution Panel(2x3 kW VHF FM Tx. GCEL-131)
1 KW MW HMB-186
  • Pulse width modulator unit
  • Power amplifier 500 watt unit
1 KW MW HMB-167
  • PWM unit Assy.- 114001817881
  • Frequency source unit
  • Power Supply Card 114001811285
  • Crystal Oscillator 114001810897
  • Power Supply Card 114001811770
  • PSU rectifier 114001811382
  • Power amplifier 114001810994
  • Power Supply Unit 114001819336
HMB 163 10 kW MW Transmitter
  • Control card
  • Mains interface card 1140 0155 9085
  • Mains overload Card 1140 1050 8257
  • Control unit interface 1140 0133 5985
  • RF delay card for crystal unit 1140 0133 5791
  • Control reset card 1140 0160 0601
  • COMET VVC 100-1000PF, 50/30 kV CV3W-1000JB50
  • Spider insulator for Antenna change over switch
  • Spacer for feeder line insulator